Working everywhere

For most of us, the workplace can be anywhere. Lately, we've worked at home a lot. But we'll be starting to work wherever we want to again. Whether it's a plane, a cafe, the train, or on the beach. When we look at the technologies we'll be using, mainstream and well-integrated technologies will be the most important tools. ****

How does our work look?

In the different environments, we work in distraction is a permanent stressor. The only thing changing is the intensity. In some places, we have enough space. In others, we work in tight spaces.

Our daily work can be separated into two groups. Executive tasks are essentially our to-do list. They are tasks with a clear purpose. Writing an email to organize a meeting is one of those tasks. Explorative tasks describe a process. Substantive results are not defined. When for example brainstorming a solution, the outcome isn't clear. The process is.

1.3 Ergonomics and Space

How can AR improve our work environments?

In the different environments we work in, distraction is a permanent stressor. The only thing changing is its intensity. When we integrate AR in the way we work, it can cancel distractions.

Different visual effects can guide our focus. A fog effect clouds your surroundings. It cancels smaller movements. The effect is strongest in the corners of your field of vision. It isn't the most effective one, but the least stressful.

My own research has shown that small flickering squares have the strongest effect. They induce tunnel vision in the user. The strong visual effects are very stressful. They can be used to refocus at the start of a session or after an interruption.